Baby Collection



Baby Bibs:

$8. each
Plain with blue. $8. each
Tailored cutworks. $10. each
$10. each
Embroidery flowers. $10. each
Gingham. $8. each
Monogram $6

Burp Cloths

1. Baby Dedication
2. Bundle of Joy

3. New Grandmother
4. New Grandfather
5. New Mother

The padded burp cloth is made of linen trimmed with lace. It is gift boxed with a card describing the joy of the occasion. $20.



Hankerchief Bonnet

The card describes the use of the bonnet
for the baby and wedding day. $25



Card: New Mother, New Grandmother, New Grandfather . $15

Purse Bank:


Sterling Jewelry:

- Locket $15-20
- Bracelet $17-25
-Heart $10-15
- Pacifier Holder $20
Prices may vary according to size and changing price of silver.


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