Other Gifts


The cards found on the Handkerchiefs Page and the Linens Page may also be used with these gifts.


Winterberry Turkey $18

Fancy Feathers $20



Yard Stakes.

A fun way to welcome your guests!
Garden Tea Party: Rough wood with metal accents. $18.



Silver Plated Serving Pieces: $45
Fork, Spoon, Pastry
(Random selection of Pieces)

Evening Bags:
Velvet lined handbags with ribbon, lace, and beads. Will hold small pair of eyeglasses and lipstick;
also wonderful purse for bride or little girl.

Black, Ivory, Burgundy
$18. each




Memory Box : $25

Teapot votive:
Can also be used for candy or potpourri. $15.
Plate carrier: $15.

Hanging Vase.
Deep blue, hand blown glass hanging vase.
14" high with hanger, glass 7" high.


Head Vases:
Your flowers make a beautiful hat for the lovely lady




Porcelain Boxes :
Porcelain stamp box and trinket box
$10 ea.

China Plate :
White China plate can be used for different occasions by threading ribbon to match the event. Welcome guests, celebrate a birthday, use a scripture. A fun and personal greeting for you home. Use dry erase marker to write with and a damp cloth to erase. $25.

Holds china plate (pictured) $12.


Teapot Box
Teapot Box
Porcelain teapot with hinged top. Use as a trinket box, vase, or to look and admire. $15

Small Teapot Box
Small Teapot Trinket Box
Porcelain teapot with removable lid. Place at each plate as party favor, use as small vase. Card attached expresses what a treasure that person is. $8


Crochet - Ladies, Fingerless. $12.
Child. $10.


Baby Bibs:
$8. each
Plain with blue. $8. each
Tailored cutworks. $10. each
$10. each
Cutwork crose. $10. each
Embroidery flowers. $10. each


Crystal w/ Raw Sugar
Crystal container of raw sugar $10

Plate Stands & 13" Plate Easel
Brass Plate Stands $12 each



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